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LawPsych.com was created to help clarify the growing field of legal psychology for people in and around Orange County, California. While the legal system has started to embrace psychology as an important part of the legal process, how they work together can be confusing. LawPsych.com aims to create multiple resources to help those just starting out, nurture those who want to pursue a related career, as well as dive into intelligent discussion about where the field is heading.

Here you can learn more about commonly used terms, how psychology is being applied in the courtroom, and even contribute to our ever-growing blog. If you are a psychologist yourself, a student studying psychology, an attorney, or have some expertise pertaining to the field, we would love to include you and your analysis for future blogs and opinion.

This site was not created to have a bunch of boring information about legal psychology, it was created to engage psychologists and legal professionals in discussion about trending topics that will help promote the changes that need to be made so that our legal system will start utilizing psychology to create a more balanced level of justice.

If we know that eyewitness testimony isn’t all its cracked up to be, then why is this form of evidence often trumping more reliable forms of evidence in a court of law? The potential for this field to positively affect the ways in which people are incarcerated is huge. There is no denying that wrongful convictions are a problem across the globe and throughout the United States.  How do these wrongful convictions happen? Many times they results due to preventable circumstances that may be able to be adddressed by legal psychology.

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