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Important Psychological Aspects of Wrongful Death Cases

wrongful_death When people suffer serious loss, they exhibit symptoms resulting from numerous defensive mechanisms that they’ve developed throughout their lifetimes. The loss of a loved one strongly impacts the minds and development of immediate family members and close loved ones. There are psychological aspects of grief following a death with someone...

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Forensic Psychology and Legal Psychology

forensic The act and practice involved with forensic psychology, and maybe the most continuous obligation of legal clinicians, is the mental evaluation of people who are included, somehow, with the legitimate framework. Hence, in spite of the fact that it is important to have solid preparation in law and forensic psychology,...

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How Legal Psychology Affects Everyone

forensic The idea that psychology has no business in a court room is no longer entertained by licensed professionals; most attorneys use psychologists to increase their chances of a win, and psychologists have always begrudgingly accepted the need for their services within the legal system. What many people still fail to...

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